An App for Artists in Victoria Falls and Photos in Victoria Falls

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Introducing an App for artists and photographers who either live in Victoria Falls or make art products or take photos about the Victoria Falls.

Art at Vic Falls App

Victoria Falls Town is reknown for it’s art. The talent is astounding, creative and unique.

There are so many artists and photographers looking for ways to promote their products. Some are out in the open creating the art and other artists leave their art in various shops in hopes of a sale.  Are you one of them?

Local Artists in Victoria Falls and Photos taken in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

The frustration of having a skill and struggling to earn by it, is a common one. It is called the starving artists syndrome. But it needn’t be that way. If everyone helps everyone else – better results will come from it.

Having a platform that features artists and photographers who are passionate about their art and the Victoria Falls, will no doubt motivate and inspire others. It will be a way to contect with your peers, seeing them as mentors and helpers. And hopefully pushing you to stretch your own talents and skills.

Artist App in Victoria Falls

How To Share the Art@VicFalls App?

The App is easy to share, it’s just a link. It can be saved to your phone or viewed online. By sharing the link on your social media accounts, it will give exposure not only to yourself, but to others in this space.

The App is still in Beta. For now, we are collecting artists and adding them to the App. If you would like to be one of them get in touch it’s free.

What can you add to the App?

  • Profile Picture
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Physical Address
  • Description
  • Gallery
  • Social Media Links
  • You can recieve comments within the App

If only you could just focus on the art, by let the App do the promoting – imagine what you could push yourself to do next!

We hope that you too will see this as an exciting start to an App that could change your life.

Munyart artist in Victoria Falls

If you would like to be featured on Art @ Vic Falls website – please get in touch.  We would love to feature your artwork and photography.

14 thoughts on “An App for Artists in Victoria Falls and Photos in Victoria Falls”

  1. Hi,

    I think it’s good that this application could help the artists in Victoria Falls to promote their artworks. I do have some concerns about this app. I see the artist could promote their photography works and art pieces on this app, does it also include the function for people to buy / purchase? 

    It would be great that we could all buy art from this app, cannot wait to hear from you.

    1. Matt, currently you can only get art or photography by directly contacting the artists listed in the app.  They have a gallery with their best works and it will give you an idea of what they do.  We have future plans to add an online store for prints and way for original works to be delivered worldwide. Stop by often to see our progress.  Have a great day and let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. This looks like a very interesting concept of helping artists connect to each other and to better self promote. I’m not an artist my self nor am I in the Victoria fall area, but should I be in that niche, I would definetely look into this. Do you have any information how many people are using the app? 

    1. Hi Vasilij,

      Yes, currently we have under 10 users with many sorting out their profiles as we speak.  The idea is to get artists to view each other as contemparies rather than competition.  It is so useful to have like minded folk who understand the challenges, who can back each other up and promote themselves and everyone else at the same time.  It really is better together.  Thanks for commenting!

  3. I have heard a lot about Victoria falls and from my research have begun to wish to see it. Getting to know there’s an app that can link me to getting some of the local art works is really amazing. I’ll get the app and hope to get some of these beautiful works. I hope it doesn’t cause much delay before I can get the work delivered?

    1. Hi there Chloe,

      Sounds like you are an art lover 🙂  The App has the artists contact information and it would be best to communicate with them directly.  In time there will be a link to an online store.  The Art@VicFalls App is new and still in Beta but we are confident that it will help the local artists and photographers, and allow art lovers like yourself to use the app to purchase these beautiful Victoria Falls related works.  Let me know if you have any more questions.  

  4. Congratulations! This is a great way to connect artists with potential buyers. Clever concept.
    Art is something we encourage and promote as it can be a healing tool. We support the sharing of beautiful artworks and more importantly, a niched art platform that makes it easy for those who seek who purchase.
    This kind of app would be good to promote some of the Indigenous artists here in Australia… but we have to be aware that there are some pieces of artwork by Australian Indigenous people that are NEVER to be shared in a public domain as some aspects of “Tjukurpa” (sacred stories in the form of art, song or dance that can only be passed on to someone who has earned the right to witness/receive it). Details can be found via parksaustralia [dot] gov [dot] au/uluru/discover/culture/tjukurpa/   
    We wish to respectfully ask if the culture in Zimbabwe is similar to the above example?

    1. Hi iToLing,

      Thanks for sharing this and taking the time to comment on this App. Unlike Austraila, Zimbabwe doesn’t have issues with sharing their art online. (At least it’s not ever something I have ever come across).  Often I find the total opposite.  Artists are desparate to get their art online and viewed by as many as possible. 

      There is though a lot of cultural connections in their art. Often revolving around family, unity, peace etc. 

      I have always admired Australian Indigenous art.  But am wondering now if we have really got the true idea of what their art is really like. 

      Hope you stop by again.

      1. Bless, thanks so much for the explanation! We have been blessed to work closely with some Australian Indigenous Tribes/Nations and have been privileged to learn their ways. From what we have been told, art on canvas and most artwork by the indigenous was introduced to provide the Indigenous folk with a new stream of income. However, there have been complications for some….
        Photography is also not allowed on certain sacred sites.

        Love, unity, family are some of the themes that are similar to the themes portrayed in Australian Indigenous art. Mostly, it is to do with bush tucker and the land as well as songlines.

        We admire various indigenous cultures and art and support the preservation of old/ancient cultures as there are much hidden gems of wisdom within. 🙂 We will visit regularly for sure!

        1. Appreciate you commenting more about the artists struggles. I liked the idea of art originating from songs! It must be really special working with the local talent, learning the culture and treasuring the wisdom that often is found in simple truths. See you around!

  5. RoDarrick says:

    Though I do not major my work on Victoria falls neither do I live there but definitely, I have heard about the creativity that resides in the area and I have made quite a lot of friends from Zimbabwe over the net. So, I will share this updates to them and hopefully they find it very useful and helpful to them. Thanks

    1. Hi RoDarrick,

      Thanks so much, would really appreciate you sharing!  What work do you major in by the way?

  6. Vic arts has been well known for it’s vibrant display of colors, cultural promotion and uniqueness rooted from tradition and heritage. I am going to check out the said link to know more about their art which has been gaining popularity worldwide. Thanks for sharing this and informing people. I hope that interest in this art will grow more and get a lot of attention through this kind of promotion. 

    1. Hi there MissusB,

      You are right, Vic Falls is well known for it’s art.  Please be sure to get in touch with the artists should you need more information related to their work.  Thanks for stopping by!

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