Do You Copyright Artwork? Artists Share About This And Other Tips

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Unfortunately, although the internet is a great place to promote your work, it seems it comes with a fair amount of theft.Jamie described a time when her video was stolen.

As the thief got Facebook Rights Manager they now technically own and can reuse her videos. She advised everybody get Facebook Rights Manager to ensure they keep the rights to everything they produce.As it turns out, Jamie’s not alone in this.

Chloe Rose once had her art stolen and sold on a mug and Ed’s drawings were once put up on someone else’s online portfolio.Laura pointed out that if somebody steals and attempts to sell your art you at least have legal recourse. She faced a difficult situation when people used her art as their avatars on Twitter and posted hateful content.

Source: Seven Things We Learned from the Art and DIY Panel at Summer in the City 2019 – TenEighty — YouTube News, Features, and Interviews

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