Looking for Things to do in Livingstone Zambia? Check out this Art and Artisan Tour

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Art Experience During Your Travels to Victoria Falls

Love art? This is a great experience to see the local talent in the area.


Explore the vibrant mix of traditional, artisanal techniques and avant-garde products on this 3-hour art and artisan tour of Livingstone.

Discover the National Art Gallery, and be amazed by the work of the WAYAWAYA and Pure Skills organisations.

Dive into the creative atmosphere of a modern gallery in the middle of the Zambian bush at the National Art Gallery.

Enjoy the finest of Zambian contemporary visual arts with your professional guide, and even meet renowned Zambian artists.

Marvel at the high-quality, artisanal products of WAYAWAYA, an organisation that empowers Zambian women who lack formal education.

Visit the workshop, meet the women involved, and chat about the art of handbag making.

Source: Livingstone: Art and Artisan Tour – Livingstone, Zambia | GetYourGuide

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