Shopping in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe for Art

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Notably, Art is everywhere in this little town of Victoria Falls… Brightly coloured displays of merchandise (often outside shops doors) – cloth batiks, bags, jewellery, dresses, even paintings – all attractively set up, making for a delightful experience for any tourist!

Contempory and Traditional Art

Art In All Mediums –

  • carvings in wood
  • stonework
  • paintings
  • fabric prints
  • drawings
  • beadwork
  • and so much more…

– ranging from the traditional to the contemporary

Get a meaningful piece of art…

Bring Africa to your home.

Some friends of ours who visit Zimbabwe regularly, told us how, with their travels over the years to different places in Africa – they got to see that a trip became more memorable when they returned home with a larger curio.

The key rings and fridge magnets in time got lost and forgotten about – but the bigger pieces of art that they bought, are still there reminding them of the great times they had.

Here’s an example – a home in England surrounded with art pieces from Victoria Falls Zimbabwe.

Shopping in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Popular Places to View Handcrafts and Shopping In Victoria Falls

As art is such a personal thing – it’s either going to be a place you love or not so much. Some of the main places to find gifts are listed below.

However, there are artists at different points, painting, doing beadwork, sewing African cloth, pencil drawing and more all around the town.

  • Art Africa Sculpture Park
  • The Curio Market
  • Elephant Walk Shopping Centre
  • Comesa Market

A Marketplace to Buy Original Art Online

Why Start Art @ Vic Falls?

While there is much on offer (with everyone hopeful that they will make a sale), tourists are often scared off by persistent vendors, who roam around with one or two carved objects.

How sad, because the true artists are humbly waiting at their shops, not disturbing or worrying anyone.  They have got a selling licence, are paying rent and have got amazing talents that they are using to create art products.

So many don’t even see their work…

Another reason is, like in all places there is a bit of mass-production and many of the same things are promoted and found in each shop.  So again, the real artists are overlooked and get lumped together with the supposed, “yeah, I’ve already seen it all.”

There is more on offer than just those few items that you are being asked to buy.

By featuring the Artists – you will know what artwork is in the area.

Welcome to Art at Vic Falls it’s a place to meet the artists, read their stories and to buy original art online. Shopping in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe for art just got a whole lot easier!

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