Stone Sculpture Artists Ecouraged To Learn Other Art Forms To Enhance Work

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Craftsmen there have long taken advantage of the various forms and colors of stones to create exquisite pieces which integrate natural beauty with human ingenuity.His father Pan Xicun, a noted sculptor in Qingtian County, was apprenticed to prestigious boxwood sculptor Ye Runzhou and integrated the skills of wood-carving with stone sculpturing.

“The two varieties have common characteristics,” Pan said. “But stone sculpturing requires more artistic knowledge and professional techniques, since stones have a myriad of textures and colors while boxwood has fixed conditions.

”A stone figurine should be designed according to original hues and forms. For example, red is suitable for flowers while white fits figures. Mixed colors sometimes require a sculptor to change the original design.Also, a stone is made up of different minerals. The rough texture cannot be polished into glossy finish, but the fine part could be carved with smooth lines and surfaces.

“A stone sculptor should learn painting, sculpting and geological knowledge before he or she creates brilliant works,” Pan said. “Otherwise, the essence of stones cannot be brought to light, or is even wasted.”

Source: Stone sculpturing carves out style of its own – SHINE News

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